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“Semulia-mulia manusia ialah siapa yang mempunyai adab, merendahkan diri ketika berkedudukan tinggi, memaafkan ketika berdaya membalas dan bersikap adil ketika kuat” Khalifah Abdul Malik bin Marwanan
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Zambry: Chief clown of Perak circus compares self to Mandela and Gandhi-ji

By Nat Tan

Once again, I find myself in a position to shoot fish in a barrel. I’ll just be the latest to take a dig at Hee and her pepper spray. Hee’s first story was that she was holding a key chain not pepper spray; this changed into one where she was holding up the pepper spray to ask if it belonged to someone else.

Now, even if these versions of events were true - and good golly it’s so obvious they aren’t - I wouldn’t try to pass them off as the truth. In politics, there are just some battles that are unwinnable.

Trying to persuade people of the above version of events with the existence of the picture below floating around (observe the thumb position) makes Hee look like an even bigger idiot than she regrettably already does (and that’s saying a lot).

The ‘fun and games’ don’t end there. Our friend Zambry seems to have taken to new heights of delusion.I mean seriously. Did he imagine that there were some Umno ‘flers in some dark and secluded place who would go “Yeah, he really is like Gandhi and Mandela, our hero!!

Name me a single blog - even a pro-BN one - who has sung any of Zambry’s praises at all, much less compared him to the heroes of our generation. Self praise, as we all know, is no praise.

The following barely even bears expounding, but since we are so starved for good cheer amidst the circus that BN has insisted on turning Perak into (more on that to come), let’s pause and think of the differences between Zambry and his self-proclaimed peers.

Mandela/Gandhi: Rose up against the powers that be to uphold principles.
Zambry: Is part of the powers that be, and usurped power while steadfastly refusing to show any principles whatsoever.

Mandela/Gandhi: Braved prison and stuck with their values no matter how terrible the repression.
Zambry: Went to prison, came out, then joined forces with the people who imprisoned him, abandoning the cause he went to jail for.

Mandela/Gandhi: Spent their lives fighting racists.
Zambry: Proud member of racist race-based party, appoints Hamidah “Pukul India dulu” Osman as part of his cabinet.

Mandela/Gandhi: Made South Africa and India symbols of hope and people’s power.
Zambry: Made Malaysia the laughing stock of the world.

Mandela/Gandhi: Stood up against the astounding might of the British Empire, and apartheid South Africa.
Zambry: Doesn’t dare to face elections.

If I think of more, I’ll add to the list.

This latest statement of his only confirms that in the circus that Perak has become, Zambry is obviously the chief clown. On a more serious note, BN has shown time and again that it has refused to accede to the one and only true solution to this crisis: fresh elections.

I have scoured pro-BN blogs, the newspapers, etc, and I cannot find a single answer to the one question: Why?

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