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The Penang Hill funicular train service has been suspended for a day due to damage to the electrical connector resulting in a mechanical failure. The damage was caused by a collision with some object during operations at 4.30pm 3rd May 2011

Initial reports stated that the collision was with a group of stray dogs. However, this has given rise to suspicions and further investigations will be carried out to determine the actual cause, including the possibility of sabotage. The primary focus will be on carrying repairs to allow the train to function and operate normally.

The train service was closed for repair works from 7pm, Wednesday (4 May 2011). Repair work is further hampered by lack of spare parts from the train supplier. The full inventory of spares especially power pick-ups, has still not been given. The situation is further aggravated by the lack of information in dealing with the supplier.

Documents and contracts on the upgrading works of the new train and rail are still not in the Corporation’s possession despite repeated requests and reminders. If the power pick-ups and spare parts were available, the Penang Hill Corporation would have been able to repair the train much quicker.

An announcement will be made as soon as the repair works is completed with the necessary spares. Visitors are advised to check with the Penang Hill Corporation at 04-828 8880/ 828 8861 for the latest updates.


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